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What 18 wheeler games got to offer you?

Gaming has taken itself to heights. In earlier days, racing used to be the only genre of gaming for car and bike races. Times have changed. Trucks have arrived. And rough racing differs from the standard racing games that include cars on freeways speeding at 150 km/h. You want to drive it rough? Bouncing through tough terrain at high speed? Crashing into cars, cafes and billboard at high speed and then continuing without an effect of crash in your ride? Then you are certainly here for 18 wheeler games.

18 wheeler games are racing games. They are often sub-categorized under racing games as simulation, trading or combat. Under different category these games provide different story play and the role of the user but on the top view they are same.

As given above the 18 wheeler games can be distinguished from one another by their play.

In simulation game play the user is given the task of owning, maintaining and driving his trucks through the game. Like any other simulation games, 18 wheeler games are made as close to reality as possible. The controls are tougher than other formats. Driving requires quality. Damaging your vehicle takes toll in maintenance. Moreover these games are time consuming as the speed and travel is like in the real world and purchasing and repairing your trucks require time.

Trading games are similar to simulation games but with the addition of trading. You get to trade the loads you carry and sell them yourselves.

Combat games have no travelling or racing. It's about the destruction. In general it is a two player game. Both players are allowed to choose and modify their trucks as available to them. These types of games are less popular on 18 wheeler type of game though they are a craze in lighter formats.

Online games - the most popular 18 wheeler game format. Online sites lay their unique format of the game and allow only registered players to play and set scores higher than their friends laying the set for competitive gaming. Some of the sites even allow one-on-one matches online to maximize the competitive feel.

For offline gaming, 18 wheeler games provide various atmospheres to play in different game play unlike online games which online revolves around simple performance. They are addictive with the depth it takes you to with its real like experience.

Though online games do not have depth in game play and it's all about competition, it is no less addictive. The competition it brings into you cannot be compared to the feel in an offline format.

Why choose 18 wheeler games over other racing games?
In racing games, you need speed and control only which with time grows boring, especially in the online gaming. Though you can compare the offline 18 wheeler game with other games, but in case of online they simply cannot be compared. With the weight of the truck there comes more aggression in racing with more rough crashing and taking on the opponent face to face.
Get ready to play one of the most exciting online as well as the career of a truck driver and show your ability in the virtual world in 18 wheeler games.