Sim Taxi 2

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Sim Taxi 2

Sim Taxi 2

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Game controls:Arrow Keys - Drive. R - Change Radio Station. H - Horn. Spacebar - Refill your taxi with fuel at a gas station.


taxi driver game

Taxi driver game to improve driving and parking skills
Thetaxi driver game requires you to run the taxi, pick up, passengers, drive them to their destination in the quickest possible time and collect fares. The game is fairly easy to play with easy controls. The interface is also very user friendly. The background music can be turned on and off. The game is to be played with keyboard and mostly there are no mouse functions. There are also several pre installed radio channels which you can change. Sometimes the passengers request you to change the radio channels for which you get bonus money.

There are several advantages of playing the taxi driver game. They are
1.      Rules- Your child gets to learn the traffic rules and regulation for driving as well as walking.
2.      If you are applying for a driver's license, then you may practice a few skills by playing online so that you understand it fully when you actually drive a vehicle.
3.      The games allow you to understand where to park, when to park and how to park.
4.      Also the game allows you to notice the pedestrians and pay extra attention to them. This will let you know that you must do so in real life as well.
Apart from the above mentioned advantages, there are several other advantages like your hand eye coordination increases. Your hearing and listening skills improve as you respond to calls from passengers.

Where to find
You can find various taxi driver game online in any free online games. There are numerous such types of games. They are mostly free but several recently launched and popular games may charge you a subscription fee for playing it online. You can also download some of the high definition and real life games from various sites.  Also you can buy an original pack if you want to. But if you are looking for free games to improve your driving skills, you can look for it in various search engines. They offer you free games and often they are full version though they may not be the latest version of the game.

Popular games
Some of the very popular taxi driver game  which can be played online are listed below. These games have become popular due to their easy accessible and easy to understand and operate controls. Some of them are listed below:
1.      Gangster taxi
2.      Pimp my taxi
3.      City driver
4.      Taxi parking
5.      Taxi Dash
6.      New York Cab
Apart from the above listed games there are many other similar games as well.