18 Wheeler 3

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18 Wheeler 3

18 Wheeler 3

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Category: truck, 18 wheeler,
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Game controls: Use arrow keys to move. 1-3 to change speed.


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In most of these cool truck games and in fact all, you are required to drive through various obstacles. To earn more points and achieve a high score, you need to drive as many obstacles as you can. These games also provide a variety of many interesting features and every game is different from the other offering different levels of challenges as well. You can even customize different trucks available to suit your desired game play. Just in case you want to customize your truck, be keen to include various features which will help you win the game easily.

In most cases, cool truck games require that you start from the lowest level as you ascend to higher levels. Each of the levels has unique obstacles and missions which makes the game more interesting and complex as you advance to the higher levels. Just in case you crash before finishing the level, you have no option than repeating the same level before you can proceed to higher levels. All in all, these games are enjoyable and very interesting to play and aim at improving your skills on the road.